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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How The Bankers turn Paper into Gold !

For centuries alchemists tried to figure out how to create gold from nothing or from something like lead .Central Banking with the use of FIAT money and fractional reserve lending is the Financial alchemy the elite have used to create and steal wealth from unsuspecting nations and citizens , watch the magicians hands ...

The system is a Ponzi scheme. Being a Ponzi scheme there is not enough money to pay the interest. Thus more money and debt must be created to keep the scheme going. It runs into problems when loans cannot be created which we are witnessing now. Thus all the Government debt creation by the trillions. the sad part is all this debt results in liabilities that ultimately cannot be paid. The paper holders then use their legal claims to seep the winnings off the table..The current economic crisis epicentered in The US which has gone global has been engineered by design by globalist International Elites and Bankers. I will explain how. It is the result of Fiat money and fractional reserve lending which is basically the creation of money from thin air. Money may be created from nothing but the debt and legal claims are real and have serious and REAL implications for the citizens of the US and most countries around the world. This is a simple presentation as to how created paper ends up claiming real assets and the labour of men and women. Paper liabilities involve counterparty risk. Better store your wealth in Gold before the "Crack up boom" accelerates.The system does exacatly what I demonstrated. Created paper (Money Printing and fractional reserve Lending)creates claims on really assets. The Pie actually gets smaller and smaller for those that do not understand the system or have the ability to partake in it.

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