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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scotia Mocatta sold out of All Silver Bars

there is no bubble in Gold and Silver : What you are about to see is the absolute, 100% exact opposite of a precious metals bubble.Scotia Mocatta Sells Out Of All Silver Bars , - James Turk is predicting silver to jump to $35 and beyond very soon.

its great to see whats happening on the ground. its sad to hear that one dealer say she thinks we are at the top and its not going anywhere from here. I would have to say that the numismatic end of things are not as lucrative either, anymore. It's no longer a hobby..., personally I don't mind paying the extra buck or $2/ounce to get American silver eagles or Canadian silver maples. I think they're beautiful coins & the premiums hold up when you sell them too, so you get it back. Also, I think there's a case to be made for some unforseen appreciation/wildly higher permiums at some point for silver eagles given the trouble the US Mint is having meeting demand. What happens to premiums if the Mint CANCELS the silver eagle program all together?!

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