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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silver and Gold not the right price to buy : Scott Redler

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Scott Redler, chief strategic officer for T3Live.com, reveals how he's trading gold and silver now that the metals have broken through key resistance...

Scott Redler, : ....Gold right it's brushing up against his trip today so traders watched to see if you can blast through it. Were hit it. And then let that be resistance I think traders -- bit frustrated because they're used to gold having these huge swings you know that the huge gains that we've seen. I'm so those that are trying to traded and over traded are actually losing even if they're right. For me unless someone here talked about -- tier one approach from about thirteen thirty when -- broke that downtrend that -- views like 131. I haven't touched it. So what does it take created an accurate well positioned begin to break through and it -- for. I wanted to add if I had the -- up for today it was like down and we. Trading here would have added because they knew that 13350. Was a good area -- but 13413450. It's right near that 135 and ideas and discuss in my positions that you -- a lot of work out I'm not -- You know not -- against walls and I need to own more I don't think it's the right price that.

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