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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silver Market Manipulation Debate : David Morgan & Jeff Christian

BNN host a 9 min discussion on the alleged manipulation of the silver market following Bart Chiltons comments

David Morgan - I like you, and sadly you let us down. You neglected to raise the important facts, including the London whistle-blower Andrew Maguire's testimony, and the ratio of short positions held by JPM & HSBC in silver, and Adrian Douglas' compelling articles that prove that the market is manipulated. David, if you're not going to prepare yourself for these debates, then kindly bow out to those who will, like Ted Butler or the GATA boys. I agree that Daid Morgan has been a bit neutral in this interview by not mentioning Andrew McGuire and GATA etc. Who knows prior to the interview he might have been told what could be talked about and what would end up on the cutting room floor. Getting the story out to more people should be the name of the game and that is what will expose the fraud...

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