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Saturday, March 19, 2011

John Embry Mike Maloney, and David Morgan on investing in physical gold and silver

I don't know how long the dollar will last for. But I rather jump out of a boat before it sinks than sit around to see how things turn out.Silver & Gold is your lifeboat.

Diversify with Physical Gold and Silver - BIGGEST INVESTMENT EVER : Silver and gold do not go up. The value of the dollar goes down. Silver doesn't appreciate. It does not produce cash flows. Gold is money. It is not an investment. It is wealth preservation. You can trade an ounce of sliver for the same amount of goods as you could in 1913. The silver to oil or silver to bag of potatoes ratio should never change. Silver and gold are just money. There are arbitrage opportunities at times, but in the long run silver and gold are simply money.Silver is by far a better investment. Look at the numbers of silver over the years. It has outperformed gold and it is still a bargain even at $35.00. Imagine it going to $50.00. or $100.00 Bill gates has 30% of his assets in silver. Maybe he knew something that we did not.buying gold and having the ability to hold it in your hand is better than receiving a piece of paper stating how much you own. Because that piece of paper with that statment is no different than having the dollar bill in your wallet, paper may have a statement (IOU wise) but gold is GOLD.If you are going to buy gold you are better off buying actual gold that you can touch. Not a piece of paper or a certificate - thats just an iou in my opinion. If your going to keep an iou - you may as well hold dollars.There are gold dealers all over. look up the yellow pages

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