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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silver 1:1 parity with Gold - Webbots forecast

Everything is way too inflationary ,the elites have devalued the currency ,but they do not have to worry ,they get billions,so what they can print more for themselves the web bots predict that silver would soon reach $600/oz.,It would be great to see silver bullion at $50 a troy ounce, its still on the up about 38% over a year period. if the empire continues to fall as I think it will them $600 is very likely as you will see and believe .IF webbots put Silver with 1:1 parity with GOLD, we're looking at at least $1300/oz Silver.Try Gold & Silver= $8000/oz Loaf of bread= $8.99 Have you bought bullion yet? Get your silver and food now! I think there will be events that dump on the metals prices, and THEN it will go beyond the "nobody's" ability to purchase it. Huge amount of "shorts & longs" on metals too. Lots of comex/ paper metal investment to get rid of too. Knowing which is the sign with the shorts/longs is an issue.


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