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Monday, March 21, 2011

Silver Short Squeeze and Backwardation explained

Silver backwardation and the makings for a short squeeze Silver price is treading water lots a catalyst that bubbling here we rebuilding in Japan -- in the futures market and -- haven buying. Joining me for the trade at the nymex it -- our trading Anthony it is the whole Clinton catalysts that should be pushing silver higher but they're not

because of extreme shortage people fear that they wont get hold of the physical in a future time. so they want it now. so the price today is higher than that of a future date. for example if a seller promises to deliver u physical in 2015 at § 20 an oz wouldn't u rather take delivery now paying a little extra knowing well that there wont be any silver in 2015? that's backwardation. JP Morgan won't take it's own ETFs as collateral

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