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Sunday, April 17, 2011

$500 Silver, Max Keiser

It's important to remember that gold & silver do not increase in value, they are real money. When the price goes up it only reflects the paper becoming less valuable. Every nation is printing like mad to pay their debts down. We're the king debtor of the globe with over 200 trillion in obligations over the next 5 years. That many paper dollars don't even EXIST yet the world is lead to believe we can pay it back. Buy metals while our green paper still can! $43 silver is still cheap. GATA's Adrian Douglas makes the case for bullion bank metals price supression, and for the TRUE value of one ounce of gold.Get in position now and realize the coming upswing in the price of silver ! Mike Maloney said that in past history an average house would cost 1K oz of Silver to buy. But during the currency panic the house could probably be bought for 500oz of Silver. For 1K oz you can get you McMansion or large Farm. ;-)

Max Keiser is a film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader. Keiser is the host of On the Edge, a program of news and analysis hosted by Iran's Press TV. He also hosts Keiser Report, a financial tabloid, that broadcasts on RT (formerly Russia Today). Keiser hosted the New Year's Eve special, The Keiser's Business Guide to 2010 for BBC Radio 5 Live.

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