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Monday, April 18, 2011

Gold and silver prices react to Bernanke liquidity Bubble

Gold and Silver. once again the hottest investment picks today and for the week, the Gold surging toward $1,500 an ounce. the new nominal record high, silver hit a 30-year high, just over $43 an ounce. did someone say Bernanke liquidity bubble? well, i just did once again says Larry Kudlow. and as for stocks, the Dow gained 57 points today on positive consumer sentiment, strong industrial production, and a good new york fed manufacturing index. but consumer prices jumped again and they are now rising 6% at an annual rate over just the past three months. stocks did fall for the week, however, lingering earnings disappointments in the light that alcoa, google, and bank of America. so let's talk about this fed liquidity bubble and the outlook for earnings next week so you investors can figure out how to make an inflation proof buck or two.


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