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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

G Edward Griffin : Money is the ultimate weapon

G Edward Griffin interview June 08 2011 : SGT interviews legendary author and documentary film producer G Edward Griffin about his book 'The Creature From Jekyll Island' and current events.G. Edward Griffin is the clearest thinker I have ever listened to. So easy to comprehend what he is saying. I wish I had grown up with teachers who explained things the way he does.
The new world order are racing to the finish line and they have the pedal to the medal to put the capstone on top of the pyramid. The bottom part of the pyramid is where the people realize everything is a fraud and it's like a bag of rice with slashes all over it. While the new world order is busy putting on the capstone, they are trying to keep everybody in place so the capstone doesn't fall on it's head. I don't see why we are waiting to do somthing.

He is very right. We should have a protectorate, not a government because governments can never really be honorable as they all become tyrannical.

Its just sad that our CONSTITUTIONAL rights are being stripped away everyday because the majority of the US are sheep who only care about watching American Idol and going to the bar...where you can commit multiple sins and see multiple distractions (drinking, tv, lottery, harassing women, etc). Sheep need to wake up!

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