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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How and when to buy gold - James Turk

The key is not the price the key is the value says James Turk and Gold is still undervalued : ...first of all you are not investing in precious metals you are saving them cause remember they are money and the way you are do that in my view is the same way that I have been recommending all decade long , if you have not yet begun accumulating precious metals take an amount of money that you intend to put into the metals divided by six and buy one sixth on the fifteenth of every month regardless what the price is you are accumulating over a period of time and just continue to accumulate and save , you know I have been saying this to people when gold was $300 , Gold $600 Gold $1200 and I am saying it now when the Gold is at $1500 because The key is not the price the key is the value and Gold is still relatively undervalued and that's the key to accumulating the precious metals ...so put aside what you read in the news papers put aside all these people talking about bibbles and what not and just slowly methodically eliminate the emotion and just on the 15th of the month or the 13th of the month or whenever it fits your budget just take those dollars or those Euros or Swiss franks or whatever currency you want to convert into hard money and do it .....


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