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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gold Rush : the wholesale jewelry industry

About half of all of the gold in the world actually ends up as jewelry and for some investors, that's the way to go. own physical gold. Lafayette, Louisiana, is the home of stoler, the largest wholesale jewelry manufacturer in the united states. and what a home a 600,000 square foot facility, 1200 employees strong. this is where it all begins. gold is brought here in the form of these big gold bars and they weigh 400 ounces a piece and some of it is melted down to the bars sold to individual investors and the rest is combined with this gold from the manufacturing processes. all of it is destined for the melt house. only 60% of the supply of gold in the world comes from mines and the other 40% comes from people melting it down. melted gold, recyclable is 40% of the supply right now


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