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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rush to the GLD

Gold is up nearly 30% today. there's been a rush to the GLD. exchange rated fund, up around 50% this year. Bob Mipisani shows us the unprecedented access he got at the GLD vault. it was an incredible array of gold A look at where gold prices are headed and who are the largest buyers of the precious metal, with Jason Toussaint, World Gold Council "it's important to note there is a big dichotomy where that demand is coming from. there is constraint and supply coming to the market. secondly, if we look at the difference between developed markets and investors and u.s. and europe, they're turning to gold as a store of wealth, safe haven asset and looking to store that wealth through time. particularly in markets in India and china, an economic prosperity story. certainly through the last decade, we're looking at 9% above GDP growth estimates for both of these markets, there is a huge wealth creation effect going on. we know both cultures have strong affinities to gold and now decreasing discretion area income and taking more gold off the market." says Jason Toussaint,

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